Our services

Whether you’re seeking a quick solution for an urgent matter or need a partner for a long-term project, we’re here to facilitate seamless tech development. With high-level competence in every aspect, we are dedicated to delivering excellent results

With offices in both Sweden and Mexico, we can offer unmatched flexibility, and all our consultants are carefully selected to meet the specific needs of each project.

We take care of the headhunting, migration, and allocation processes without adding any costs for you. With MT3, you are guaranteed seamless and professional work in every aspect, all while improving your own profitability

Engineering Consultancy

We cater to every need you may have by selecting the right candidate, whether it’s for a time-limited or long-term project. Our consultants onboard quickly on-site or remote, which will allow you to accelerate the project development.

Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds, but all are united by three essential qualities: competence, passion, and experience. They possess both niche and broad experience, enabling us to craft tailored solutions perfectly aligned with your project’s needs.

Project Development

With extensive experience in creating unique solutions for every possible project, there’s no challenge we haven’t mastered. Sometimes you need just one skilled candidate, while some tasks require a full team. Regardless of the size of your project, we’ll deliver a complete solution.