About us

We’re not just a consultancy – we’re matchmakers of tech. Founded in 2014 in Sweden, MT3 is a consultancy firm specializing in connecting experienced Mexican engineers to Swedish companies.

What sets us apart? Personalized recruitment of highly skilled individuals with vast knowledge in their separate fields, eager to boost and support the development of technology in Sweden.

In the fast-paced landscape of innovation and tech, finding the right talent can become challenging. It’s not just about finding a consultant; it’s about creating a partnership that propels your project forward. With offices in both Sweden and Mexico, we can offer unmatched flexibility and problem solving for both long-term projects and urgent matters.

At MT3, we are dedicated to connecting you with experienced and highly educated engineers, all while fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity. Our consultants stem from diverse backgrounds, but all are united by three essential qualities: competence, passion and experience.

Consider us architects of possibilities, as we’re building a strong connection between Swedish businesses and the expertise present in Mexico. Our consultants possess both niche and broad experience, which enables us to craft tailored solutions perfectly aligned with your project’s needs. We’re passionate about breaking stereotypes and fostering collaboration between Mexican talent and Swedish businesses, all while achieving excellent results.

Experience seamless tech development with MT3, where expertise meets opportunity.

Joining MT3 in Sweden was a surreal experience, driven by the vision to empower Mexican talent. He values the opportunity to create and innovate with cutting-edge technology.

“Sweden feels like something that had to happen,” she says. ”It has been an amazing journey, and for that I will always be grateful,” she beams. To her, MT3 is all about support, empathy and belonging.

”MT3 has been by far my best decision because of the intellectual challenge it implied, and the test of courage it represented” he says and acknowledges that leaving his country made him a more independent critical thinker; an apprentice of “how trust builds great teams, and great teams build great work”