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About us

MT3 - Experience within reach

As the innovation and technology development industry rapidly expands, recruiting the right skill set has become challenging. At MT3, we embrace the need for fast adaptation and full flexibility without compromising. We connect you to senior engineers, well experienced in cutting edge technologies and software development. With our targeted recruiting, you are guaranteed to get the specific competence required for your project.

Finding qualified developers in Sweden can be hard. Usually, they come at high rates and are not guaranteed to have the experience needed for your specific project. MT3’s off-shore selection process ensures that you get what you demand. We provide you with suitable options, along with all the information needed to make your decisions easier. Once a consultant has been selected, we assist in making onboarding smooth. By bringing consultants to Sweden for direct communication, by enabling the right tools to adapt to your process remotely, or even by alternating these both options—we make sure everything proceeds with ease.



MT3 is a Swedish consultancy firm founded in 2012, working with experienced engineers from Mexico. We have been helping our clients to successfully finish their projects while bettering human life standards for our engineers ever since. We focus on product development and targeted recruiting to provide you with the specific competence required for any project. More so, we enable higher profitability and great innovation as the bridge to your solution.