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Our Services

MT3 offers software consultancy and project development, as well as recruiting. We provide you with competitive prices and the high-level competence needed while improving your profitability. Our mission is to supply the acceleration you need for your development. By monitoring the selection process and staying present at all times, we ensure that our services are the highest quality possible. With MT3 consultants, your business objectives are met on time, and your final product or service is closer than ever before. No matter what your requirements are, we are the bridge to your solution.

Areas of expertise


Sometimes, for various reasons, it may not be possible to hire the company right now. We therefore match your need with the right leading developer, whether it is a time-limited project, parental leave, termination or sick leave. Our consultants are quickly on site to ensure that your schedule for the project can be completed on time.


Many customers today choose to hire consultants and test them first, and then be able to hire directly. You also have the opportunity to test the consultant and get a receipt that the person can continue to contribute their knowledge at your company.

Direct Recruitment:
Going out and recruiting yourself is both challenging and demanding.
With targeted recruitment, you are guaranteed the specific skills required for your projects.

Project Development

We build a team of experts based on the requirements you have for your specific project and deliver a complete solution.